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Open Public Meetings via Zoom

Until such time as coronavirus restrictions allow face-to-face public meetings, we will be conducting them only on-line using Zoom from October 2020 onwards.


Wednesday, April 21, 6:30 pm

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“Avian malaria in Hawaii: past, present, and future”

Presenter Gabbie Names

Since the introduction of avian malaria to Hawaii a mere century ago, the disease has contributed to devastating declines of the native avifauna. In most Hawaiian forest birds, avian malaria causes high mortality. A few species are able to cope with infection, including the Hawaii Amakihi (pictured right), but surprisingly little is known about what allows the birds to survive infection. In this presentation, Gabbie will provide a brief overview of the history of avian malaria in Hawaii and discuss some of the findings from her PhD involving the causes and consequences of avian malaria resilience in Hawaii Amakihi.

Gabbie Names completed her PhD at UC Davis in 2020, studying how avian malaria infection influences the immunity, physiology and behavior of songbirds on Hawaii Island. She recently moved to Paris, France, where she plans to continue her research on avian malaria in wild birds.





Board Meetings

Our board meetings usually are the third Wednesday of the month, September through May, and are at 3:30pm.  Audubon members are welcome to attend these meetings. For information on next meeting you may call Barry Boulton at (209) 596-0612 or email him at rbarryboulton@gmail.com.