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Open Public Meetings via Zoom

Until such time as coronavirus restrictions allow face-to-face public meetings, we will be conducting them only on-line using Zoom from October 2020 onwards.


Wednesday, December 16, 7:00 pm

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“Dragonflies – World’s Best Flight Machine””

Presenter Barry Boulton – CSAS President

Dragonflies have been around for about 330M years – before dinosaurs – and so they’ve had time to perfect flight to a state of near-perfection such that, in the avian world, only hummingbirds can compare. They’re the largest insects that we can easily see performing fascinating behaviors that I’ll show and describe. Not only are they among the most aggressive predator of any class both as nymph and adult, but they’re also good food for birds too – what goes around comes around perhaps?
One of my favorite dragonfly sighting locations is the Merced NWR in late September when their activities are reaching a crescendo, so I enjoy them along with the arriving Sandhill Cranes, a delightful combination. You will enjoy seeing these gorgeous insects close-up in their spectacular colors.



Board Meetings

Our board meetings usually are the third Wednesday of the month, September through May, and are at 3:30pm.  Audubon members are welcome to attend these meetings. For information on next meeting you may call Barry Boulton at (209) 596-0612 or email him at rbarryboulton@gmail.com.