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Become a member of CSAS

There are two Central Sierra Audubon Society membership options available: Chapter Only or National/Chapter membership.

A Chapter Only member receives the Sierra Squawker (our monthly newsletter) and all of your membership money goes directly to CSAS for CSAS programs. The membership fee is $15/year. To become a Chapter Only member, make your check for $15.00 payable to CSAS.

A National/Chapter member receives the National Audubon Society Magazine and the Sierra Squawker and is a member of National Audubon Society and Central Sierra Audubon Society. The introductory membership fee is $20/year. To become a National/Chapter member, make your check of $20.00 payable to National Audubon Society.

Currently CSAS receives about $2.00 of the $20 annual membership fee.

Receiving our newsletter by email saves funds that can more effectively be spent on scholarship, education, conservation, and also help save trees and habitat.

Please print and complete the form below (click on the “Print This!” button) and mail it with your check to:

Address coming soon.


Central Sierra Audubon Society

Membership Application

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New Audubon Member Special Introductory Rate (includes CSAS): $20 for first year
CSAS only: $15/yr.
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