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General Meetings

Wednesday, March 20, 6:30 pm: Working with Wildlife at New Melones

As birdwatchers and nature lovers, we spend a lot of time outdoors looking at and enjoying birds, their beauty, their behaviors and their interactions with each other. We get excited when we see a new or unusual species and share our experience, and yet we must still keep our distance so as not to cause disturbance or stress. But, when you’re working with injured wildlife, you have that close, one-on-one, personal connection where you feel deeply and viscerally its pain, its fear and its hopes of escape, and you get to experience (mostly) its exhilarating release back to freedom.  And, of course, you build up a bounty of fascinating stories with which to regale Audubon members, and that’s what Pat Sanders will bring to us with her passion and love for wildlife showing through.

Pat Sanders is the Natural Resource Ranger/Tech at New Melones Lake. With a degree in biology, she performs the full scope of natural resource duties including hazard tree management, wildlife enhancement projects, eagle, osprey and bat surveys, invasive species reduction and aquatic species surveys. Back in 1995, Pat and Harold Sanders worked with Al Bergeron (President of the Central Sierra Audubon Society) in the osprey project that occurred at New Melones Lake where rising lake levels threatened many nesting ospreys

This program will be at the Tuolumne County Library on Greenley Road in Sonora.  For additional information about the program, please call Ralph Retherford at (209) 770-6124 or email Ralph.


Thursday, March 21, 6:00 pm: A Short History of California’s Wetlands and Birds

The many migratory bird species that over-winter in California’s Central Valley exhibit a myriad of fascinating  and unique behaviors, cultures, and survival methods, but they all have one thing in common, a critical need for the habitats and water provided in the Valley’s wetlands. But, as we know, water is a scarce commodity in this State, and we can expect more efforts to divert water from wetlands habitats for agricultural and development purposes.  In fact, a bill, HR23, was introduced in Congress in 2017 (fortunately not passed) that would have done exactly that. Given likely future political attempts to take water from our relatively small refuge habitats, it behooves us to understand the fascinating history behind the use and distribution of water in the Central Valley wetlands, so I will intertwine history and bird behaviors in the wetlands. In fact, this presentation will be a sort of “taster” for a more in-depth program that Professor Phil Garone of California State University, Stanislaus, Sal Salerno, President of Stanislaus Audubon, and myself will present at the State Theater in Modesto on April 7th which I invite you to attend (view at: https://thestate.org/)

This program will be in the Clubhouse at Murphys Diggins in Murphys.  From Angels Camp, turn right at the only traffic lights in Murphys. The Diggins entry gate (open) and clubhouse are straight ahead.  For additional information about the program, please call Barry Boulton at (209) 596-0612 or email Barry.

Board Meetings

Our board meetings usually are the third Wednesday of the month, September through May, and are at 3:30pm.  Audubon members are welcome to attend these meetings. For information on next meeting you may call Barry Boulton at (209) 596-0612 or email Barry.